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Among Us

We have listed coloring pages for the crazy game Among Us. We focused on Among Us coloring pages characters and adventures.

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Among Us coloring pages contain very crazy and action-packed images. Even though the characters are very cute in terms of the internal structure of the game, different pictures are waiting for you.

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The main purpose of the Among Us game is to prepare your spaceship for takeoff. It is played online or over a local network with 4 or 10 players. However, someone who needs to be careful and is determined to kill everyone is an impostor in game terms. The crew, that is, their teammates, can win the game by completing all tasks or by discovering the impostor. The impostor in the game may resort to sabotage to cause chaos, which can more easily cause confusion and provide excuses. There are 2 teams in the game. One of them is crewmate, called crewmates, and the other is impostorlor, known as imposters. To enter the game, you set up the game with "Create Game" in the main menu, and then select how many people will be in the game, the number of imposters and which map it will be played on. If we are going to open a private room, the code written on the screen can be shared with our friends. You can also change the character's appearance and make other settings. The biggest task in the game is to catch the fraudsters. There are tasks in the question marked parts of the game. Talking is prohibited in the game, and there are 2 sections in the game where you can talk. These are the emergency button and the report button. Additionally, when you find your friends who have been eliminated by fraudsters in the game, you can gather the team by pressing the report button.

What are the Among Us Characters? Only the colors of the characters in the Among Us game are different. Different colors do not provide any extra features to the player. Customizing items such as hats and hair are added to the characters. Current character colors are listed below. The order in which these different colored characters are preferred is as shown in the picture. Red Blue Green Pink Orange Yellow Black White Purple Brown cyan grass color burgundy rose color banana color Grey Beige Coral.

Which age ranges are Among Us suitable for? Parents who do not know much about the game say that it is funny, engaging and entertaining. However, parents who examine the game in detail do not allow their children to play this game because of the chat section in the game, violent themes, and behavior such as lying and blaming. Although these issues are open to discussion, Google Play Store offers the Among Us game to users over the age of 10. In the App Store, this age limit is 9. Considering that the characters in the game kill each other, these age restrictions are the right decisions. Looking at the comments of the parents, it is understood that the Among Us game is suitable for people aged 10 and over. Playing Among Us strengthens children's communication with their friends at school. Understanding game-specific jargon helps children understand arguments and jokes between groups of friends so they don't feel left out. 

How to Play Amaong Us? The location of the game is located in a space-themed place. Players have two different roles in the game. One role is "Crewmate" and the other role is "Impostor". The aim of the Crewmate team is to catch fraudsters. Crewmate finds the Impostors and captures them. The number of impostors is limited to at least 1 and at most three. On the other hand, just as Crewmates have a purpose, fraudsters also have a purpose. Impostors find the Crewmates and try to destroy them. Afterwards, he completes the remaining tasks on the map. Although it is suitable for multiplayer mode, it can be played online between 4 and 10 people.

On Which Platforms Can You Play? Self-stealing and multiplayer fun like Innersloth, Mafia, and Werewolf; It has done successful work on PC, mobile and consoles. The game, which can be played on 3 different platforms, is free. This free version is only available for mobile. On the other hand, as in almost every game, you may encounter in-game purchases.

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