Angel coloring pages (free printables)


Children love coloring pages for angels. Angels have a meaning on New Year's Eve and other important days. That's why we have selected the best angel coloring pages for you.

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Angel coloring pages are very easy and consist of primary colors. Even though the imaginary pictures are not real, children believe in angels with pure love. That's why we attach importance to angel coloring.

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After the Angel pages, I would like to give you some important information. The appearance of angels is absolutely unknown. According to religious beliefs, the images of angels are not clear. However, since children color angels with good intentions, there is no harm in choosing coloring pages. We must start by preparing the child's mind to explain it at a time when he feels the need to see the invisible. As a matter of fact, the data about angels in religious books are mostly understandable to adults.

Explanations about angels should be given after the child is prepared, and as much as he wants and wonders should be answered during the mind preparation process. The process of preparing your mind can start by describing and comparing angels as representatives of goodness. I find it dangerous to compare a person here, that is, saying "a woman like an angel" or "a person like an angel" may cause the child to assume the gender of the angel and visualize the angel. It may cause one to connect with fairies and floating magical characters in cartoons. And this is in the child's mind; It enables the angel to be shown concretely.

Instead, emotions and behaviors need to be simulated. “Good as an angel”, “clean as an angel” etc. It would be right to draw attention to the fact that they love and protect children from evil and danger together with God. Thus, the child reaches the wisdom of the creation of angels.

The word "angel", whose basic meaning in the dictionary is a messenger who brings news, an astute, strong and powerful being, is defined in Islamic literature as "luminous beings who fully obey God's commands, can take on different forms and cannot be perceived by the senses".

The belief in the existence of some spiritual beings similar to angels exists in all religions. In religions based on revelation such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam, the distance between God and man is emphasized and the function of establishing relationships between the parties is assigned to angels.

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