Animal Mandalas coloring pages (free printables)

Animal Mandalas

Free Animal Mandala coloring pages to print sheets for kids and adults. Coloring animal mandalas will be very good for you and you will definitely relax.

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Animal mandalas range from simple designs featuring adorable baby animals that kids love to elaborate artworks detailed with ethereal symbols. It is a good way to teach children art and improve their hand skills. For adults, animal mandalas can be a mix of art and emotion that reflects their inner world.

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We know that coloring animal mandalas gives people peace and strength. Although there are many reasons, the most important of these are the phenomena such as getting rid of stress, relaxation, courage and calming down.

Common Animal Mandalas for Kids

Fantasy Storybook Animal Mandalas: A fantasy world attracts a lot of attention from children. Especially, painting fantastic animals in that world, such as unicorns, gives excitement to children. Children love to paint unusual animals such as dragons, monsters and unicorns.

Baby Animals: Who doesn't love little puppies? Cute baby animals attract the attention of both children and adults. Children are particularly interested in cats and puppies. We prefer these mandala coloring pages for kids under 10. The fact that it is both simple and remarkable is reason enough for us.

Horses: I can say that the most preferred animal coloring pages, many coloring pages, including mandalas for children, are quite fun and attention-raising. We can decorate the mandala with a horse in the center with many patterns. In general, ready-made templates can be preferred.

Animal Oriented Mandalas: These are mandala coloring pages that people can use to reflect their inner world and their current emotions. It is up to them to choose a wild or pet, because it is to reflect their current feelings. These mandalas can be used as artistic expression or as a method of reflection and relaxation.

Animal mandalas are used for psychological and symbolism reasons.

Owl symbol: It has been the symbol of knowledge, intuition and memory since ancient cultures. Like Athena, she is a symbol of wisdom and intelligence. Athena is the daughter of Metis, the goddess of wisdom in Greek Mythology. At the same time, the owl is mentioned as a bird sacrificed to Demeter, the Goddess of Fertility and Earth in Greek Mythology.

Wolf Symbol: It represents the warrior and war spirit, freedom, speed, nature and mind, the power to read the field. The wolf can be a symbol of family and coexistence. Native Americans associate the wolf with independence and enlightenment, as well as high intelligence and passion.

The lion symbol: sometimes represents power and strength, and sometimes the face of the lover. It was used as a symbolic motif in the sense of power, strength, magnificence, valor, courage, nobility and dominance. So much so that the lion has been used with symbolic meanings on coins, flags, monarch thrones, architectural works, and in many literary works, both oral and written.

Horse symbol: The horse symbol is prominent in the flags of many different countries. However, it has an important place in many fields such as different stories, tales, mythologies, lament and folk song. In this direction, the horse comes to the fore through a certain symbol. In general, horses are used in different places over their rearing appearance. Visually, it expresses courage, independence, freedom and nobility. This situation has been used in many different communities and cultures from past to present.

Elephant symbol: Along with the instinct of possession and protection, it is predominantly related to strength, honor, determination and perseverance. Elephants are considered a symbol of good luck in many cultures. It is considered a symbol of strength, wisdom, fertility and endurance in ancient China.

Cat Symbol: The general cat symbolism for Native Americans is mysterious and esoteric, guardian of independence and energy. For the Oglala tribe, cats meant black magic, they believed that cats could bring curses on them.

Dog Symbol: For a long time, dogs were seen as guardians, a bridge between the other world and the physical world. Ancient Egypt, Greeks, Romans, Celts, and others saw the role of dogs as divine guardians, beyond the mundane. For this very reason, dogs also symbolized death. They were the sentinels of the spiritual world and the guides of the spiritual journeys. As an example, we can give Anubis, the dog-headed Egyptian god, who carried the spirits to the afterlife.

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