Barbie and Ken coloring pages (free printables)

Barbie and Ken

We have prepared coloring pages for the incredible world of Barbie and her friends. Coloring pages frames from the fantastic and happy lives of Barbie and Ken.

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Barbie is the hero of a fantastic and rosy life for young girls. You can download and print coloring pages on Barbie, Ken and friends.

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Discover the story of Barbie, the main character of our childhood with her pink world, loved by all ages, her being a Pisces, her love life, her special clothes and more. Ruth Handler, the president of the American toy manufacturer Mattel and the creator of Barbie, noticed while watching her children that there were not many toys for her daughter Barbara to play with. As a result of this observation, Mattel company designed Barbie and introduced it to the gaming market in 1959, taking the first steps of this trend.

Barbie doll is currently celebrating her 62nd anniversary! This toy, which has been in our lives for 62 years, was created by a woman. This person is Ruth Handler. Ruth Handler, an enterprising and strong woman, was born in 1916 and passed away in 2002. An innovator and visionary throughout her life, Ruth produced a toy that is still popular around the world. Because Barbie dolls are sold more every year than the previous year.

Ruth Handler convinced her husband to establish a company that produces plastic items under the Mattel brand. In addition, the success of the company grew in a short time. Of course, although it was known at that time that the secret of success was due to her husband, behind the scenes it was due to Ruth Handler's productivity, energy, intelligence and determination.

At that time, toys were produced and sold with parents in mind. But Ruth Handler, one of the clever bosses of Mattel, changed that. Thus, he turned to real buyers and ensured that another toy he produced, the plastic machine gun, was sold in thousands. She achieved this by participating in a TV program and making promotions.

While Ruth Handler was on a trip to Switzerland, an incredible idea came to her mind when she saw a toy on display and decided to put this idea into practice. This idea was the production of Barbie dolls. In the 1950s, babies were usually babies, mothers or housewives. But Ruth Handler's thought was that girls of the 1950s no longer wanted to grow up just to be mothers. Thus, she announced that Barbie dolls do not only play the role of mothers. She stated in an autobiography that she wanted to show that women are not only housewives and mothers, but also work and have a profession; "My whole Barbie philosophy was that through a doll, a little girl can be anything she wants to be when she grows up. So Barbie has always represented the fact that a woman has options."

This is how the Barbie doll emerged. But Ruth Handler had a crazy idea to become world famous. She put up all her money and stated that she decided to sell the doll at its production cost. Many people did not believe it. But he was absolutely determined! The Barbie doll would be sold at its production cost. Profit would come only from the doll's clothes and accessories. We would like to point out here that many companies have adopted this method of production and are currently using it. They endear the toys to children by selling them at production price, and then they make a profit by producing their accessories. Moreover, this profit margin is not negligible!

Who Named Barbie Doll?
Barbie doll is the name of Ruth Handler's daughter. Barbie doll stands for Barbara Millicent Roberts. Of course, it was named by Ruth Handler. As we mentioned before, this strong woman had plastic doll production in mind. Because his beloved daughter loved playing with baby toys made especially for adults. However, the toy in the display window that he came across during his trip to Switzerland encouraged him to produce the Barbie doll.

How Was Barbie Doll Introduced?
In 1959, the Barbie doll was presented to companies at an international toy fair. However, it did not happen as expected. Because big brands did not like the idea of a Barbie doll. So Ruth Handler took it into her own hands and decided to market directly to the consumer. For this reason, she took a great risk and launched a promotional campaign. As a result, Barbie doll became known all over the world.

In the following years, the Mattel company rose thanks to this strong woman. However, as a result of a scandal in 1975, he and his wife resigned from their jobs. Even though Elliot and Ruth are no longer alive, Mattel and the Barbie doll have not lost their popularity. On the contrary, the company is growing more and more every day and more dolls are being sold.

Barbie Doll Toy Types
Barbie doll is in its 62nd year and emerges with a new accessory, set or concept every day. For this reason, we can say that it has a great diversity in terms of variety. It is impossible to list every product in terms of variety. For this reason, we would like to generalize the most popular ones.

barbie doll house
First of all, we would like to point out that there is not just one Barbie doll house. There is quite a lot of variety. You can also purchase Barbi dollhouse accessories separately. There are many types of doll houses such as Barbie's dream house, Malibu house, portable house play set and life.

Barbie clothes and accessories
When Barbie first came out, we stated that Mattel made its profit from its clothes and accessories. We don't know if this system is still working. However, we know very well that her clothes and Barbie accessories are still sold separately. In fact, so many accessory sets have been produced recently that children can play many games with their dolls.

Helicopter, car, caravan, bike and ambulance
Barbi, which was produced only for dolls and accessories, is now also famous for its houses, cars and ambulances. For this reason, games are not limited to just dressing the baby or choosing a profession. As market strategies grow, Barbie toy varieties also increase. After all, Barbie has a world of her own. There is no limit to diversity in this world.

Profession Themed play sets
You can see Barbie dolls in hundreds of professions that you can think of, such as pastry cook, rockstar, athlete, florist, market worker, hairdresser, tailor and teacher. Because profession-themed sets are produced with care and meticulousness.

Barbie Ken doll types
When Barbie has a profession, a car and hundreds of other possessions in her life, her boyfriend Ken is of course not forgotten. In fact, the Barbie family has pets and children, along with Barbie Ken in the toy category.

Barbie Doll Movies And Books
When you are this popular and loved so much, of course you become a movie star. It even happens in your books. Jokes aside, Barbie doll has many movie and book series because she is so loved. Therefore, I would like to announce it to our Barbie-loving readers.

Color reveal types
Barbie Chelsea toys with their colorful varieties are also in a separate category. Barbie Chelsea is small in size.

barbie doll prices
Barbie doll sales broke a record in the first quarter of 2019 and reached the highest level in the last five years. As it turns out, this record is always susceptible to being broken again. Because Barbie dolls are produced with a different concept every day. So, what about Barbie doll prices? There is a huge gap between Barbie doll prices. Because you can buy a Barbie doll for 25 TL or for 2000 TL. This depends on the number of parts, smallness and similar features of the toy you will buy. Of course, the dividend added by companies also affects these prices.

barbie doll games
Did you know that there are hundreds of games made for Barbie? While some of them are played by downloading the application, some are played by logging into the site. You can also play hundreds of games with your own Barbie. You can take aside the features for which it is produced and sew or design something for your baby yourself. For this, it will be enough to get help from an adult.

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