Birds coloring pages (free printables)


Birds are one of nature's most beautiful animals. Bird coloring pages can be very entertaining and educational for both adults and children. Start right away for the free coloring page.

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It is possible to do many activities related to birds. Many activities such as painting activities, cut-and-paste activities, drawing development and manual dexterity activities can be done. That's why we have selected Free printable birds coloring pages for you.

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We hope you liked the bird coloring pages. We are working on putting the newest bird pictures from time to time. When bird coloring pages are updated, do not forget to visit us so that you do not miss the new ones.

Activities that can be done on birds;

Birds and Trees Activities.
Circle with the children. The teacher said, “Children, today we will play the game Birds and Trees. Let's try being a bird and a tree before we start the game." says.
With the children, singing and flying movements are made like a bird. Then it becomes a tree without moving by living its arms like branches. You can think of this game as a "camel-dwarf" game.
After that, the class divides into two groups, counting “bird-tree-bird-tree…”.
Children with birds are given cardboard with a picture of a bird on it.
The game is explained to the children; “Guys, I'm going to turn on some good music soon. Children who are trees will imagine their arms as branches. They will stay where they want without moving. Let's see how the trees stand. Yes, it is, it is beautiful.” is called.
“Children who are birds will go around the trees and dance with cardboard in their hands. After a while, when the music stops, the birds will stop in front of the trees. I'm going to turn the music back up. The birds will give the picture in their hands to the trees. As soon as I give the picture, the birds will become trees. They will stay where they are. And the trees will turn into birds and begin to dance.”
The teacher also participates in the game. It is played first with the slower tempo track, and repeated a second time with the faster music track.

There is a bird on the branch activity.
The finger game named little bird is sung by the teacher. Then it is repeated to the children.
A bird is placed on the branch (Flying motion is made.)
He's tired of being alone
He looked to the right and did not see anyone (looking to the right.)
He looked to the left and did not see anyone (Look to the left.)
waited a little longer
He looked to the left again and saw a blue bird flying.
He looked to the right and saw a yellow bird flying.
He was very happy to see them (smiles.)
Two birds came
One is placed on the right and one on the left (Right and left sides are shown.)
The little bird is no longer bored (Head shakes left and right.)
Talk to children about directions. It tells where the right and left directions are. He tells the children to "hold the hand of your friend on your right". Then he says, "Hold the hand of your friend standing on your left." The teacher makes an explanation for the right-left game. It is emphasized that it is necessary to act according to the lyrics of the song.
We Dance
This is how we spin with right hands in the air.
We'll come back, we'll come back like this
We spin with left hands in the air (Children raise their left hands in the air, their right hands turn around the waist.)
We'll come back, we'll come back like this
We bounce right feet up like this (Right feet are raised, children bounce back and forth.)
we hop on we ricochet like this
We bounce left feet up like this (Left feet are raised, children bounce back and forth.)
we hop on we ricochet like this
We dance on the right arms at the waist (Right hand turns around the waist.)
we say we dance
We dance with the left arms at the waist (The left hand is turned around the waist.)
we say we dance
Right hand up, right hand next to it (Right hand, left hand brought to the side above the head and applauded.)
Clapping hands, we have fun
We have fun clapping hands (They jump where they are, they clap their hands.)

Bird species we can keep at home and their characteristics.

Although birds are not fully domesticated animals, they are ideal pets to keep at home. They can spend a very pleasant time with you with their sizes, colors and conversations.

Budgies are undoubtedly the most popular of the bird species that can be kept at home. It is commonly available in blue and green colors. It is almost as big as a palm and although it loves to talk, its voice is not as loud as its other parrot siblings. If you pay enough attention, you may be surprised at how wide his vocabulary is and you can listen to the sounds of budgies chirping in your home. It is beneficial to renew their feed and water daily. You can also put fresh vegetables and fruits in the cage from time to time. If you take good care of him, he can live to be 15 years old.

Indian Nightingale
The guinea pig on our list of pet bird species is actually from the finch family. Alone, these birds are not tame and do not talk like budgies. You can choose it because it is small in size and does not have a loud call. Note that it is quite mobile. Don't move the cage after you let it go so it can come back when it's hungry.

If you look at the coloring pages, he can steal your heart with his cute looks and behavior. Parrots are both cute and beautiful looking birds. In addition, it is one of the most economical parrots to maintain. He loves to talk and of course his voice is louder than budgies and finches.
The gray parrot is an intelligent, sensitive and calm bird. But unlike the cockatiel, if you are going to keep this bird, you need to consider the cost of purchasing, keeping and cage.

This tiny little yellow bird fascinates with its melodious song, let alone disturb. He doesn't come out of his cage much, he doesn't want mutual playtime. Therefore, it is enough for him to change his feed and water, and to clean his cage from time to time. It is also a very suitable bird for small children.

Bengal finch
An English name for the Bengal finch is "society finch". The word “society” implies that he does not like to be alone. You have to buy them in pairs and keep them in pairs in the cage. They are quite small in size and their voices are not very loud. If you buy a large cage, they will fly freely in it. They don't want one-on-one games. Cage cleaning with feed and water changes is sufficient. They can live up to 7 years.

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