Butterflies coloring pages (free printables)


Butterfly coloring page is quite colorful and exciting. Our wonderful little friends, among the most delicate creatures in the world.

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There are actually very interesting details and information about butterflies, which are a wonder of nature. In other words, there are many things you need to know about butterflies that will excite you. Along with the butterfly coloring pages, we will give you small but important information.

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While working on the butterfly coloring page; You will need many colored pencils such as blue, red, black, brown, yellow, pink. It will be a free work where you can use many colors.

Butterflies are flying insects with beautiful large scaly wings, six jointed legs, three segmented bodies, a pair of antennae, compound eyes, and an exoskeleton. The body of the butterfly, which is covered with tiny sensory hairs, consists of three parts: head, thorax and abdomen (tail tip). It has four wings and six legs attached to its body and has muscles in its chest that can move them.

Butterflies with wings with many beautiful patterns can fly only if their body temperature is above 86 degrees. We must also explain that butterflies and moths are the only insects with scaly wings.

Butterflies appear as a name given to members of the squid. Their bodies are very sensitive and break in the event of a jolt. It is among those known to have around 165 thousand species. Also, another interesting piece of information is that females of some species do not have wings. Its colorful wings look great aesthetically. Wing sizes vary according to the existing type.

The period in the cocoon definitely deserves to be known. Because this curious waiting is quite different in that it is a harbinger of real change. During this period inside the cocoon, a creature that tears its shell and has a colorful shape and looks aesthetically wonderful will emerge.

However, there is a fact that a butterfly coming out of the cocoon does not mean that it can fly immediately. In other words, the vascular structure in the wings must first be filled with blood. In other words, it takes a certain period of time for this vascular structure to gain strength.

The working conditions of butterflies also vary according to their activity status. In other words, while night butterflies have thicker and heavier body lines, daytime butterflies rest at night and begin to fly during the day. But of course, nocturnal butterflies have hearing and smell, etc. Its organs are very sensitive and it would not be wrong to say that the males of some species can smell a female from miles away.

As for the reproduction of butterflies, the reproduction process takes place with eggs. Females lay their eggs on tree bark. As many people know, the larvae that emerge from the eggs are called "caterpillars". When summer comes, it comes out of its shell and starts looking for food. Caterpillars have three pairs of eyes and their mouths are miraculously covered with glands.

In addition, it should not be forgotten that some butterflies are poisonous and they have a very striking appearance. They fly very slowly and many animals do not want to eat them. In addition, non-poisonous butterflies take many different forms to protect themselves from their enemies and continue to survive in this way.

Butterfly Species
More than 1600 species of butterflies have been recorded in the world. While some butterflies carry different colors together, others can be composed of only one color. These extremely sensitive creatures survive thanks to the dust they carry on their wings. They lose their lives due to dust falling from their wings as a result of any impact or getting wet. Contrary to popular belief, butterflies are not short-lived creatures.

Butterfly Life
The butterfly is not a creature with a short lifespan. Although many people think that these creatures live for a period of 24 hours, the situation is quite different. Butterflies can live up to 12 months if they meet the necessary conditions. If seasonal conditions and food supply can be provided, this period may be longer. Regions with large areas of fruit and trees and a mild climate are sufficient for butterflies to live a long life.

Interesting information about butterflies.
A lot of interesting information about these creatures is given below in detail.
There are more than 17,500 species of butterflies cataloged in the world. Of this number, 750 can be found in the United States.
Butterflies belong to the class Lepidoptera of insects characterized by their large scaly wings.
Contrary to popular belief, monarch butterflies migrate to escape the cold and give birth.
Monarch butterflies are the only insect in the world to travel an average of over 4,000 miles each winter.
Butterflies do not see with their taste buds, but with sensors located under their feet.
Butterflies can see beyond the ultraviolet spectrum, and their eyes are made up of a mesh of 6,000 lenses.
In fact, many adult butterflies use whatever they eat as energy.

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