Cats coloring pages (free printables)


Cats are our cutest animal friends. Kids and teens love cat coloring pages. Start working on the coloring pages that we have carefully selected.

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Cats can be humans' best friends, we can keep them at home and share our love for them. We wanted to share this love with cat coloring pages. While there are many types of cats, almost all of them are very cute. I recommend that you take a look at the pages we have prepared in the form of A4 printable pages.

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What can we do with cat coloring pages?

These pages are presented to you as a mixture of detailed illustrations and simple drawings. After coloring these pages, you can cut them out and make two-sided frame pictures. The detailed drawings look beautiful on the table, too, so you can hang it in your room. On the other hand, the cat coloring page you paint can be a playmate for your feline friend at home.

It is such a positive thing that the love of cats is a feeling that everyone should have at least a little bit. Now I want to give you interesting information about cats;

A house cat genetically carries many of the behaviors of its predatory ancestors, such as a tiger and a lion, at a rate of 95.6. These behaviors; A number of examples can be given, such as their urge to hunt birds, insects and animals such as mice, seeing their toys as prey and playing with them as such, and also releasing scents to mark their territory.
It is believed that cats are the only mammals that cannot take on sweet or sugary tastes.
Cats are myopic; but peripheral viewing angles and night vision are much better than humans.
Cats have a total of 18 toes (five toes on each front paw; four toes on each hind paw).
Cats can jump six times their height.
Cats' claws are all curved downward, which means that although they can climb trees comfortably, they cannot come down easily.
Cats' collarbones are not connected to their other bones; because these bones are embedded in the shoulder muscles.
While humans only have 206 bones, cats have 230 bones.
Cats have an extra organ that detects smell, so your cat may stare at you with its mouth open from time to time.
Cats also have whiskers on the back of their front legs.
Cats have almost twice as many neurons in their cerebral cortex as dogs.
Cats are the mammals with the largest eyes relative to the head size of any mammal.
Cats make very little noise when walking. They do this thanks to the thick and soft tissue in their paws. This is also the most important thing that allows them to sneak up on their prey – or you.
Cats' tongues are quite hard, and they can easily separate the meat from the bone with their tongues.
Cats use their long tails for balance when jumping or walking in narrow and high places.
Cats use their whiskers to determine which small spaces they can fit into. Because their mustaches allow them to “feel” the world around them. A cat's whiskers are usually about the same width as their body. Therefore, you should NEVER cut a cat's whiskers.
Cats walk just like camels and giraffes: They move both their right feet first and then their left feet. No other animal walks this way.
Male cats are more likely to be left-handed, while female cats are generally right-handed.
Although cats can detect the fast movements of their prey, they are not very good at detecting slow movements.
Some cats can easily use both their left and right paws. So some of the cats are versatile; however, 40 percent are better able to use either their left or right paw or paw.
Some cats can swim.
Some cats have more than 18 fingers total. Cats with this extra extra toe are called "polydactyls".

Facts about cats' ability to communicate.

If a cat has its tail raised in a question-like shape, it's probably trying to ask if you want to play.
The slow blink of a cat is a kind of "kitty kiss". This gesture expresses satisfaction and confidence.
Cats have a unique way of communicating with their owners. Each cat's meow tone, voice, purr and behavior is unique. More on: Why do cats meow like a cry?, Why do cats purr at night? Stop meowing at night!
While cats have up to 100 different tones; Dogs only have 10 sounds. See also: Cat or dog? 10 reasons that make cats stand out!
Since cats make direct eye contact with them, they perceive this as a threat and may attack.
Cats mark you as well as the territories they adopt. They mark their territories with their scent glands, and they mark their owners by rubbing their faces and bodies on them.
Cats yawn to end their interaction with another animal.
Cat hissing is a sign of defense, not aggression. This is a threatened cat's way of saying 'stay away'. It is an expression of fear, stress, or discomfort. more information
Whichever of the two cats is hissing, that cat is the more vulnerable.
If your cat approaches you with a straight, almost quivering tail, it means that he is extremely happy to see you.
Cats pretending to knead something with their paws is a sign of satisfaction and happiness. Cats start doing this when they're kittens. Because this behavior is the way puppies show their mothers that they want to suckle.
Meowing is a behavior that cats develop solely to communicate with humans.
Cat body languages solved! If a cat is lying on its back with its tummy exposed, it probably feels safe and is quite comfortable.
If cats look like they've pulled back with their hind paws, they're just playing. This is not a sign of attack contrary to what is believed.
When dogs wag their tails, they usually express their happiness. But this does not apply to cats! If your cat is wagging his tail, know that he is very angry and is warning you.
Don't worry whenever your cat puts his butt close to your face or sticks it to your face; because it is a sign of friendship.
Cat whiskers are also a good indicator of their mood. When a cat is scared, it pulls its whiskers back. Besides, if he has extended his whiskers forward, it means he is in hunting mode.
When a cat loosely lays its tail on another cat, dog, or owner's face, arm, or anywhere it may come into contact, it's a sign of friendship.

Interesting cat behaviors and their causes.

The vast majority of cats are very meticulous about food and water bowls; while others prefer to completely ignore their bowls to drink from the sink faucet.
Cats groom (lick their tongues) other cats, and sometimes humans, in a ritual called allogrooming (Social grooming).
Cats like to sleep on things that smell their owners, such as pillows and dirty laundry.
Cats love to sleep in laundry baskets. Because such baskets are perforated and help cats to watch around.
Cats often attack or tangle at your ankles when they're bored.
For some things like olives, potato chips, and beer, cats go crazy unexpectedly.
What do cats eat? For reasons that are not entirely clear, cats do not really like the smell of citrus (orange, lemon, tangerine etc.).
Why Cats Love Boxes: If you can't find your cat, you should look for her favorite hiding spots, inside a cardboard box or any bag.
Male cats can exhibit very strange behaviors to reach a female cat in heat. For example, some are even seen sliding down chimneys!
Many cats like to lick their owners' freshly washed hair.
Some cats love the smell of chlorine.
Cats catch and often hide almost any object that reminds them of their prey.

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