Dogs coloring pages (free printables)


Dogs are one of the best and most loyal friends of humans. Dog coloring pages contain very funny pictures. You should choose one right away.

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Both adults and children love dog coloring pages. We have selected the most popular dog coloring page ranking for you. Your loyal friends will also love these pages. I'm sure you'll do a great job at the end of the painting process.

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What can you do with dog coloring pages?

You can do many activities with these worksheets. For example, the worksheet you have finished can be a playmate for your canine friend at home. Believe me, he will be very surprised and will play games with it. Another example is detailed drawings can be as beautiful as a work of art once painted. It can turn out a beautiful picture that you can hang on your wall.

Characteristics of Our Best Friends, Dogs.

1. Dogs have an excellent sense of smell.

We think that almost everyone knows that dogs' senses are much more sensitive than humans. But you might be surprised to hear how developed their sense of smell is.

Dogs have cells in their brains that detect odors just like humans do. These cells we are talking about are approximately 40 times larger than those of humans. This is why dogs' noses are very sensitive to smells.

In this sense, it should not be surprising that they sense the danger and that dogs take part in the search and rescue teams in emergencies!

In fact, some dog breeds are trained to facilitate the diagnosis of diseases, and they can warn their owners because they can anticipate needs such as medicine and help.

2. Dogs Are Successful Swimmers.

Another fact about dogs that may come as a surprise to some is that dogs are very good at swimming. Some dog breeds such as Golden Retriever, Labrador, Irish and English Setter are breeds that can swim well from birth and love to spend time in the water.

In addition, some dogs do not like water at all, they even feel uncomfortable. Therefore, we recommend that you consider the character traits before introducing your dog to water.

3. Dogs Don't Have Sweat Glands.

Another surprising fact about dogs is that they do not have sweat glands. More precisely, pheromone-laden oily substances called “apocrine” are spread throughout the body of dogs, not in the armpits like humans.

The odor emitted by “Apocrine” cannot be perceived by humans and they do not produce liquids like humans when they sweat. The only areas of the dog's body that sweat by getting wet are their paws.

4. Dogs Are Very Intelligent Creatures.

Although most people have mastered this feature of dogs, it may be more useful to consider this subject in a little more detail in order to see its surprising points. The intelligence of dogs is on par with the intelligence of a two-year-old. This may be one of the reasons dogs and children get along so well!

These trainable creatures can add more than 100 words to their vocabulary and learn many movements. On the other hand, if trained properly, dogs can come to the aid of disabled people or someone in a dangerous situation.

In order to provide both your dog and yourself a more comfortable life, you can give him feeding and toilet training. All you need is some time and patience!

5. Neutered Dogs May Have Longer Lifespan.

Although there is no definite information on this subject, according to some studies, neutered dogs can live for many years. The neutering operation helps dogs to live a longer and healthier life by reducing the risk of cancer, one of the most common diseases in dogs.

6. Dogs Have 18 Muscles in Their Ears.

When you first adopt your dog, you probably noticed that they constantly move their ears. If you are still curious about this subject, let's answer it right away; Dogs only have 18 muscles in their ears.

Thanks to these muscles, dogs can move their ears in the direction of the sound, so they can perceive sounds much better. In addition, the ears have a very important place in the body language of dogs. Thanks to ear movements, it is possible to easily understand whether your dog is sad, happy or excited.

7. Dogs Have Very Strong Hearing Senses.

Dogs' sense of hearing is much stronger than that of humans, just like their sense of smell. For example, dogs may respond to sounds from a very distant location by barking or even howling, and they can even hear very low sounds.

8. Dogs Are Jealous Animals.

Contrary to what is commonly known, humans are not the only creatures that envy their loved ones for the attention and love of others. It is possible to say that being jealous is also among the characteristics of dogs. Dogs instinctively become jealous when their owner or a loved one shows interest in another person, animal or even object. He barks, interrupts, or tries to attract attention with other methods in order to re-strengthen the bond of loyalty between him and this person.

9. Dogs Use One Paw More.

Another surprising example among the characteristics of dogs is that they use one of their paws more than the other. People, like dogs, use one hand more than the other. Although it is not very possible to understand this situation at first glance, it is quite easy to notice after observing it carefully for a while. For example, when you extend your hand to your dog or want to give a favorite toy, your dog uses whichever paw he reaches first.

10. Dogs Nose Prints Are Unique.

Although dogs have similar characteristics with each other, their characters and habits differentiate their behavior patterns. In this sense, it is possible to say that dogs, like all living things, are unique.

Even though they belong to the same breed, another feature that distinguishes them from each other is their nose prints. Dogs' nose prints are just as unique and unique to them as humans.

Our Most Active Friend: Beagle
The Beagle is an English hunting dog that gets along well with people and other animals, especially children. In the home, it is very comfortable to care for, but very small areas may not be enough because they are mobile. They are small dogs with long ears and square muzzles. They love to run.

Our Most Emotional Friend: Pug
Pugs are one of our best friends to live with in apartments, they are not very active and they are very tiny. They are not resistant to very hot and cold weather, love their owner very much, are very emotional, sometimes jealous, do not bark much and have a shy nature. Since they have shortness of breath, they should be taken for a walk in a suitable weather and regular exercises should be followed. Pugs need higher quality and higher water consumption than other animals. They shed a lot, so their fur should be combed regularly and their faces should be cleaned regularly.

Our Friend Who Stole Our Heart With His Cute Faces: Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Corgis are shepherd dogs that conquer our hearts with their tiny legs, big ears for their size, and cute faces. They are highly intelligent and suitable for training. They have a very active structure, if they can throw their energy well in regular exercises, they can live in an apartment. It is necessary to take care of his health; They shed a lot, so regular brushing, ear care and nutrition should be balanced. Socialization is very important for our Corgi friends; Since they are prone to barking, their distance from other creatures can be broken when they are small.

Entertainment source for your home: French Bulldog
Although they may look sullen from the outside, French Bulldogs are very cheerful animals, but they are also a little stubborn. Because of their stubbornness, they may not approach education. They do not need a lot of exercise; daily walks will be enough for your friend. You have to be very careful with their diet because they can eat anything they find. Because their legs are short, your dog's weight gain will hinder his walking. Apart from these, if you open your door to the French Bulldog, there is no doubt that it will bring positive energy to your environment.

Our Warmest Friend: Golden Retriever
As you know, Golden Retrievers are one of the warmest dog breeds. They are quite obedient, affectionate, good with everyone and need constant love and attention. It has a very beautiful appearance with its long and yellow hair. It is very intelligent, easily trainable and very loyal to its owner as long as it gets enough attention. Golden Retrievers must be combed daily, move at least one hour a day and pay attention to their nutrition.

Our Bravest Friend: The German Shepherd
German wolves are also known as K9 police dogs. They are among our brave friends who are very protective, noble, loyal to their owner, understand the danger very quickly and inform their owner. German wolves must be exercised, combed twice a week and bathed only when needed. German wolves are not very social dogs, they usually get along well with their owners alone.

Our Most Free Spirited Friend: Shiba Inu
The Shiba Inu is the small breed of Akita Inu, which we know from the movie Hachiko. Shiba, a native Japanese dog, was used as a hunting dog in history. They have glossy fur, upright triangular ears, and curled tails. Their fur is not very long, so it is enough to comb their hair 1-2 times a week. But it is useful to know that it sheds heavily during the seasonal transitions.

Miniature Lion: Chow Chow
Chow Chow, also known as the Chinese Lion; Because of its character traits, care and training, it can be a bit difficult for people who are looking for a dog for the first time. Although its appearance is quite affectionate and friendly, it is a stubborn breed. They have fluffy feathers and black tongues. They like contact less than other races and do not get along with everyone; strengthen their ties with a limited number of people.

Our Most Intelligent and Active Friend: Border Collie
Border Collie, one of the smartest of the medium-sized breeds; Easily trainable, high-energy and active animals. Border Collies, who are very successful in herding sheep and search and rescue efforts, must be constantly on the move or they may become depressed.

Your Little Friend: Poodle
With its wavy feathers and tiny size, the Poodle can become your companion that accompanies you everywhere. Poodles, which are frequently preferred because they do not have molting problems and are open to training, are a multiplayer race; That's why you shouldn't neglect your regular exercise. Poodles are animals that should not be left alone too much, so it is an advantage that they are tiny and can accompany you everywhere.

Our Emotional and Attention-seeking Friend: Maltese Terrier
Our friend, who will admire the viewer with his wavy white feathers and dark eyes, is quite emotional. They cannot tolerate being left alone and require attention, so you may need to have your friend with you at all times; They will become very attached to you in a short time.

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