Dragons coloring pages (free printables)


Dragons are the most interesting of the mythical and mythological creatures. Dragon coloring pages are very interesting for children and adults.

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The dragon is a mystical and mythical creature. It resembles a snake in appearance. But they are huge and can fly with their wings. Their tails are quite long. They may have a hard shell and prickly bones on their heads. You can use red, yellow, brown and green coloring pencils while working on the dragon coloring pages.

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A legendary creature, the dragon is often described as a strong and large lizard or other reptile with magical or spiritual powers. It is also said that they often spew fire from their mouths. Western depictions are usually winged, while Eastern depictions usually lack wings. Legendary creatures with features similar to dragons exist in almost every culture. Even the dragon is the symbol of China and other Far Eastern countries. And often the phrase 2-headed dragon is used to denote two-faced enemies. The fact that even the documentaries of dragons, for which there is no clear data about them, are being made is proof of the deep belief in their existence. Unfortunately, almost all of the skeletons introduced as dragon skeletons belong to dinosaurs. Although it is often thought that dragons, like dinosaurs, lived for a certain time, the fact that they did not leave any traces raises a question mark in mind.

What Are the Characteristics of Dragons?

There are hundreds of scientists who say that fossils related to dragons are encountered when looking at the researches done on the world. However, the sages of the Far East also had dragons that their families claimed to have seen and trained. In the researches made by archaeologists and historians, statements were made that dragons lived on the summits of the mountains, in habitats that no one knew about.

Dragons, which are described as hot and angry creatures, have values that they represent. the dragon, which is defined in the west as anger, ugliness, restlessness and harm; In the east, it means wisdom, motherhood, independence.

It is seen that dragons, which are believed to be magical and spiritual beings, are depicted differently in many parts of the world. While a creature that does not have wings but breathes fire is drawn in eastern culture, it is seen flying in almost every drawing in western culture. With the common features, it is observed that especially the Chinese and Japanese cultures have more protection for dragons. The dragon, which is the symbol of many far eastern countries, is an entity carried up to the national flags.

In many drawings, 2-headed and 3-headed dragons can also represent enemies. It is possible to say that it is the epitome of hypocrisy. Although it is stated that the dragon is a symbol of bad luck in Europe, for the Far East, the dragon means liberation and freedom.

Reasons why dragons are Legends

On the basis of the legends about them, it was believed that dragons protect huge treasures. It is also known that the dragon, which is believed to represent fire in all parts of the world, can always protect a kingdom, not a treasure.

Especially in the myths of the Far East, it was stated that the dragon was identified with water and fire, and according to the legend, it could rule over fire. There are also people who believe that the dragon is the guardian of hell because it is associated with fire. It is stated that he waits at the door for the people who are taken to hell and that his duty is to protect hell.

Dragons with very long and pointed claws lack compassion and hate humans. In fairy tales these creatures are depicted in a terrible way. The most important feature of these creatures, which are more than 5 meters in length when they open their wings, is that they emit flames from their mouths.

In many stories and tales, dragons are often portrayed as guardians of a hidden and very valuable treasure. In some tales, the person who wants to marry the king's daughter is asked to take the treasure protected by the dragon. In such narratives, confronting the dragon is described as an example of great bravery.

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