Ducks coloring pages (free printables)


Ducks coloring pages for free printable. Small and lively ducks are easy to love because they are naturally cute. Each species has its own characteristic features.

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The duck's body is rather rounded and sometimes covered with white or other shades of brown or black, and sometimes with striking bluish and greenish feathers. For duck coloring pages we will need pencils such as green, yellow, brown, black, pink, orange.

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Free Printable 16 Ducks coloring pages

They like lakes and marshes very much. There are also those who live in fast-flowing rivers and seas. Because it is easy to feed, many domesticated strains have been produced. In our country, ducks are a hybrid mixture obtained from the mixing of many breeds. In foreign countries, pure breeds such as Kampbel, Pekin, Ruen are available. You can choose the page that suits you below to coloring cute ducks.

Duck is a species of bird in the family of winged birds. These animals are known for their long flight abilities and their herd migrations. They are also known as very good swimmers. The Latin name of ducks is Anas. The domestic duck is also different from the wild duck in that with the loss of strength in the wings, it has almost completely lost its ability to fly, which is shorter and lighter. This is interpreted as a phenomenon of evolutionary adaptation, because these birds have to be fed, they are fed by humans.

Ducks-specific features.
Ducks swim very well thanks to their rather short legs and webbed feet. However, it is rather clumsy to walk on land. Domestic ducks have stronger legs than wild ones.
In some species, the beak is cut on the sides, which facilitates the hunting activity of small fish. In the upper part of the beak there are small holes that interfere with the respiratory process and explain the production of the ducks' recognizable squeak.
The duck's body is rather rounded and sometimes covered with white or other shades of brown or black, and sometimes with striking bluish and greenish feathers. Males usually have more colors than females. Ducklings are usually yellow with an orange beak, there are also black colored pups. The colors of the beak are variable. These colors can be orange, red and black.

Duck Species
Duck species include Mallard, Wild Duck, Brown Whistling Duck, Summer Duck, White Face Whistling Duck and Black Belly Whistling Duck. Each species has its own characteristic features.

Duck Life
Duck lifespan is known to be about 4 to 6 years. However, the life span of wild ducks can reach 8 years. Ducks that have been domesticated on farms can live up to 12 years. The reason for this is that their nests are constantly cleaned. Although it is not known as a dirty animal, cleaning and pest control in the farms ensure that their lifespan is longer.

Interesting Facts About Ducks
There is a lot of interesting information about ducks. It is one of the few bird species that both fly and live dependent on water. The dense hairs on the abdomen make it easier to swim on the water in cold weather. The reason for this is that there is no decrease in body temperature thanks to the dense hair. These feathers are naturally waterproof. While swimming on the water, they can see the fish under the water. They live in herds and migrate at certain times of the year. They can fly up to 2000 miles in one go without stopping. Their wingspan can reach 120 cm and they can fly an 8,000-mile journey with 2 rest stops. They are highly resilient animals and, like geese, are monogamous.

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