Hello Kitty coloring pages (free printables)

Hello Kitty

We have carefully listed coloring pages on Hello Kitty's heroine and her friends. You too can share in the adventures of this hero.

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The Hello Kitty figure, which is a part of Japanese popular culture, has been on many items we use for more than 40 years. Our cute hero is very famous and popular.

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After sharing Hello Kitty coloring pages, I wanted to give you some information. Fictional character produced by Japan-based Sanrio, created by Yuko Shimizu and currently designed by Yuko Yamaguchi. She is a human-shaped white Japanese Bobtail female cat with a red bow and no mouth.

Christine R. Yano, curator of the Hello Kitty retrospective held in October at the National Museum of Japanese American History in Los Angeles, said Hello Kitty was never depicted on all fours like a cat. In fact, Yano explained that while preparing descriptions for the retrospective, even he described Hello Kitty as a cat and was strictly warned by Sanrio, the company that holds the copyright of the character. According to Yano, Hello Kitty's real name is Kitty White and she has a twin sister. Also, Hello Kitty is a Scorpio British girl who loves apple pie.

In his statement to the Times newspaper, Yano said, "Hello Kitty was about Japanese people, especially Japanese women, in England in the 1970s. Its founders liked the idea of England because it showed the dreamed childhood life in the clearest way. Hello Kitty's biography was written according to the conditions and expectations of that day." Whether it is a human or a cat, Hello Kitty has an important place in Japanese culture. In the 1970s, Japanese people living in the USA adopted the Hello Kitty character because this character symbolized them. This exhibition aims to unite Hello Kitty with the society to which it belongs. Japanese Americans National History "It is in the museum," he said.

In Japan, not only children and young people, but also working women follow Hello Kitty products. You may come across people using Hello Kitty stationery at work or chatting with their friends on their Hello Kitty mobile phones.

It is said that there are approximately 22,000 Hello Kitty products on the market. Approximately 600 types of products are replaced with new ones every month. According to seasons, for example; Products such as sandals in summer, shawls in winter and school bags in autumn attract attention.

It would not be wrong to say that Hello Kitty's first fans are still loyal to her. Children who liked Kitty have now grown up and adopted her as a fashion trend. In this, one can feel the support of the evolution in Japanese social behavior. In other words, the increasing interest in luxury consumption and the fact that affectionate feelings can be clearly expressed play an important role in Hello Kiyyt's popularity. Millions of people use Hello Kitty products, play computer games, watch cartoon series, create blogs on the internet... Moreover, there are celebrities such as Mariah Carey, Cameron Diaz, Heidi Klum, Carmen Electra.

Perhaps what makes Kitty special is that she doesn't have a mouth. Designer Yuko Yamaguchi says: “The mouth is often considered the most expressive part of the body, but since Kitty doesn't have a mouth, the viewer can make the expression he wants. If you're sad, Kitty seems to be trying to cheer you up. If you're happy, she looks happy too. “I think that's the secret that makes it special.”

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