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Kawaii coloring pages are filled with adorable cuteness. To be cute and loved, pages made with Kawaii are perfect for you.

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Kawaii cute and impressive coloring pages contain many colors. You will have very sweet things with the colors it contains.

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Kawaii culture is a phenomenon that comes from far away, namely Japan. Those who love cute things will love Kawaii coloring pages. Now I would like to give some information about this concept.  No matter how you look at it, Japanese popular culture is based on the concept of "cute" or "kawaii" in Japanese. From clothing styles to anime, TV series and movies, manga, household goods, toys, accessories, food, cosplay, and even some companies. The curiosity about cute things has been sweeping Japan for 40 years.
When buying a kawaii object, the purpose is not just to have it. The purchased object enables the person to reveal his individuality and establish relationships with other people in society. Kawaii has managed to enter the world of not only young women, but also men, children and the elderly. Another reason why cute products have taken over everywhere is that cuteness has generally started to appeal to Japanese people of all ages (Source: Jennifer Robertson). When it was realized that the kawaii trend appealed to the consumer, numerous places, from product advertisements to government institutions, began to use kawaii elements.

In traditional Japanese characters, the thickness of the line varies, but after young girls started using ballpoint pens, the writing style changed completely. They also started writing the characters more roundly and larger. The pictures they scattered here and there in the text began to multiply so much that the text became unreadable from the pictures. That's why, at that time, such writings came to the point of being banned in some schools. As you know, media and companies notice every famous person, and they also focused on this "cute" issue. When it came to marketing, cute characters were immediately introduced, as in the examples of Hello Kitty and Pokemon. Or should we say that they even decorate their planes with pictures of Pikachu, or should we say that official units find cute mascots for themselves.

It is not just limited to clothes and accessories, it has even gone as far as changing business and business behavior. Girls have done and are doing everything to look more cute and innocent (equals childish or even babyish); Acting stupid on purpose, giggling all the time, talking in a high pitched tone (you can imagine the high school girls saying "I'm in love" to understand what I'm saying), having fake nervous breakdowns... So, they all started to become typical romantic comedy girls. It's like trying to establish a "Barbie Doll Empire".

There is also the fact that the music industry is further encouraging this “kawaii” craze. Groups of young girls, whose age is constantly getting younger, do their make-up and put on their colorful clothes, throw innocent looks at the cameras, and do dances that they think are cute. This has become so famous that he tries to form a group that gathers his friends or pretend to be the group they like. If you ask these young people, they would say that they like pandas or penguins among animals and Mini Cooper or Toyota Prius among cars (I am a liar to those who say that). Because, according to scientists' research, cuteness is most associated with "round lines, softness and clumsiness". It may also come with a fragile and needy appearance. Interestingly, the Japanese like to be “dependent” rather than independent…

At first glance, I also liked some of their cuteness. I've often said "Oh, how cute they are". But men exaggerate terribly in this matter, as in everything else. For example, when I watched the video of their cute song "Tom Tom Tomato-chan", I felt a strange feeling of horror. You can't help but wonder where this humanity is heading.

Japan is not the only one affected by this "cute" storm; As you know, after influencing Asian countries such as China, South Korea and Taiwan, it has now started to spread towards Europe. Kawaii has become a standard in daily life for both men and women, regardless of gender, since childhood. The fact that kawaii things are pink, small, babyish, that is, have a feminine structure, did not alienate men. On the contrary, Japanese men have become eager to be kawaii. Men and women now describe each other as kawaii. However, childish voice, behavior, clothing and cuteness, which are frequently encountered in anime and also occur in real life, are considered more attractive in terms of romantic relationships. The kawaii world, created to escape the harsh realities of real life, to express repressed emotions, or to be accepted by people by bowing to social pressure, is increasing its popularity day by day.

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