LOL Surprise Doll coloring pages (free printables)

LOL Surprise Doll

LOL Surprise Doll has very cool and sweet coloring pages at now. We prepared these free printable pages for sweet and cute girls.

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To start the LOL Surprise Doll coloring page, you need to prepare your colored pencils or watercolors. We leave the choice of pen to your choice. You can paint the cute babies in any colors you want.

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L.O.L surprise dolls are located in the middle of a ball that opens in layers. The baby inside is a complete surprise, as the 7-layer package is opened, it gives clues about the baby. Each layer contains an accessory for the baby. L.O.L surprise dolls have matching accessories such as cups, shoes, feeding bottles, crowns and glasses on their floors, and the fun increases as children open each floor and the packages come out.
There are 45 types of L.O.L surprise dolls, very rare dolls are of course the most valuable and are very valuable because they are produced in limited numbers. In addition, the dolls come with hidden features, such as changing color when put into water, crying or urinating with water, and with small actions, lol dolls have been turned into tiny fun toys.
LOL baby toys, although they are called baby toys, allow older children to play with them due to their size. Moreover, the pleasure of playing games with them increases due to the rich variety of accessories they have. While children enjoy playing with these toys, all we have to do is find answers to important questions. LOL doll toys are very loved by children. This means that it is a situation that requires discovery for parents. Hundreds of questions arise in their minds, such as whether LOL toy models are harmful or beneficial for children, what does LOL doll stand for and why is it so popular? Because these toys have many interesting aspects such as the name, model and the way the toy unfolds. Therefore, they are sure to be surprising not only for children but for everyone.
There is a lot of product variety in LOL dolls. However, the most popular ones are the LOL doll set inside the ball. It is one of the surprise sets and contains eight products. Among these products
A baby,
A few pieces of accessories (buckle, dress, shoes, bag…)
These products may vary with the emergence of different models.

What features do LOL toys have?
These toys are very popular because they have so many amazing features. Children's happiness also increases because they contain a surprise in every feature. Among the features of these fun toys are;
Changing color (water surprise)
To cry,
It includes spitting and wetting the bed.
The head, arms and legs are designed for the baby to move. Each surprise toy comes with clothes and accessories that the doll can wear. Lil sisters change color when placed in cold or warm water. Although their legs and arms cannot move, their heads can be adjusted. Luckily, little sisters come with accessories that any big sister can wear.

Which LOL dolls change color?
When buying LOL doll toys, you need to pay attention to the label on them. Because even though the content of the toy is a surprise, some information is given. This way, you can at least have information about what features it has. To buy a doll from the series called Water Surprise, it is necessary to choose the products in the series.

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