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Mermaid coloring pages are a visual feast based on legends and fairy tales. The most accurate list for colorful mermaid coloring pages.

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Someone wants a mermaid coloring page that lives under the sea? Yes. This is the list we have carefully selected just for you.

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Mermaids are mythical beings who have the appearance of a female human from the waist up, but also have the tail of a fish.
Mermaid stories are almost universal. The first known mermaid story dates back to B.C. It was discovered among the Assyrians in 1,000 BC. Atargatis, the Assyrian queen and mother of Semiramis, is an immortal goddess who is in love with a mortal shepherd. But the young shepherd she fell in love with dies after a while, and then she jumps into a lake to turn into a fish. But the water does not hide her magnificent body and nature. To achieve this, it gives him a fish tail and the ability to breathe in water.

Firstly, depictions of Atargatis appear as a fish with a human head and legs. The Greeks also recognized Atargatis as Derketo. She is also depicted next to Aphrodite. This legend has survived to this day by finding a place in many works.

In many cultures around the world, mermaids are depicted in different but very similar ways. Some mermaids, like sirens, sing to sailors and enchant them, distracting them from their work and causing them to tumble overboard into the sea, or worse, cause the ship to sink. In other stories, mermaids are depicted as kind-hearted sea creatures that save men in danger of drowning. They also invite these men to live in their underwater kingdom. In Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid, it is said that some of the mermaids, while pulling men under the sea, forget or do not know that people cannot breathe under water.

Sirens in Greek mythology were later equated with mermaids, and in some languages the same word was used for both creatures. Other mythological and legendary sea creatures similar to mermaids are nymphs (such as Nymphs) and animals that can take on other forms (such as other animals or other mythical animals).

Legends of these half-human, half-fish-bodied humanoids date back to 5000 BC. A general opinion is that sea cows had a great influence on the formation of these legends. An example to support this theory is that Christopher Columbus said that he saw mermaids during his voyage to the New World, but they were very ugly and he expected them to be more attractive. The arms of large-bodied marine mammals such as sea cows have evolved to resemble human arms so that they can carry their young like a cradle. It is quite possible that sailors saw these marine mammals and thought they were supernatural creatures. It is thought that the long, flowing hair in traditional mermaid depictions originates from the long-haired appearance of sea cows given by the algae tangled around their heads as they swim near the ocean surface. The common information given by those who claim to have seen a mermaid is also quite consistent with the colors of seaweed and the characteristics of sea cows. They describe mermaids as supernatural humanoids who do not speak, have green, black, brown or blonde hair and fish tails, and often swim in oceans and sometimes rivers.

One Thousand and One Nights contains a wide variety of stories about "Sea People". Unlike the legends, in One Thousand and One Nights, these merpeople live on land, but when they enter the water, they can breathe without any difficulty and their clothes do not get wet when they enter the sea. At the same time, when they have sexual intercourse with humans, their children will be born as "Sea people" like themselves. Merpeople are no different from human appearance. This legend is still alive.

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