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Monster Truck

Are you ready to meet Monster Trucks? We worked diligently to create the most beautiful Monster Truck coloring pages. Choose to start crushing.

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Monster Truck is an amazing thing that you can crush many cars with it. The coloring pages are very colorful and detailed. But you will have a lot of fun while working.

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If you are a speed enthusiast and especially love big vehicles and trucks, then you should definitely watch monster truck races. Trucks that perform very exciting and dynamic movements, called monster trucks, emerged in the 1970s and 1980s. The races in which these are performed are widely watched. The excitement is high and it is displayed as a visual feast. There are some curious questions for these races that have a wide audience. One of these is the question of how to make monster trucks.

Monster Trucks Are Modified Vehicles

To answer the question of how monster trucks are made, you first need to know that these vehicles are not classic trucks and are modified. Most are trucks with other features added later. These races, held in a closed track, attract the attention of the audience and bring their hearts to their mouths. Truck racers who perform somersaults and similar dynamic movements are danger-loving people. Nowadays, monster trucks games have also appeared on the internet. You can easily understand the logic of the races from these widely played games.

What Are Other Truck Races?

There are many truck races other than monster trucks. They usually compete in an important tournament called the European Championship. Truck races have certain rules and drivers are obliged to comply with these rules. We can say that these races, known as the European Truck Racing Championship, are held in an area of 400 km and are a very long race. This long-term race will also be very exciting to watch. This race is watched by the crowd and is also shown on television. The rules and provisions that must be followed and known are as follows:

When European truck racing started in the 1980s, it consisted only of vehicles used on the roads.
Racing trucks have a speed limit that they must comply with and it is set at 161 km/h.
The minimum weight of a truck must be 5500 kg.
The races started in 1995.

These trucks are the most powerful vehicles of all time, developed to dominate the roads and win the competitions. With its large dimensions and GIANT wheels, it is always ready for head-to-head combat.

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