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Mystic Mandala

We have selected the most beautiful and high-quality drawings for you, Mystic and fantastic Mandalas. Mystical mandala coloring pages are completely free.

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Mystic Mandala, which means energy container, tells us that the infinity of the universe is in the essence of man, and man is in eternity.

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Mandala is a name given to shapes that symbolize the mystical center of the universe. The word originates from Sanskrit and means "container that holds energy". Although we have heard its name in recent years, its history actually dates back 40,000 years. The first examples of mandala motifs can be seen on cave walls. These shapes were mostly used in circular form. In these caves, which are today on the borders of India, ancient people circled the things they wanted to happen in their lives. This is the most concrete evidence that the belief in the power of magnetic attraction dates back to ancient times. In Hindu and Buddhist cultures, the circular design of the mandala represents the idea that everything in life is connected and the infinity of the universe. At the same time, this art is thought to be the spiritual journey of individuals. Many historians consider the mandala to be a prayer art used before the era of oral communication. Circles used for prayer represent the integrity of the universe and man. One end of the circle reaches infinity and the other end reaches the human mind and body.
While painting the patterns, painting them in a certain order and step by step is also a kind of meditation. While painting, you can benefit from this meditation effect by getting away from the chaos of the outside world and giving all your mind and energy to the attractive patterns of the mandala.
Mandala is a drawing technique that is as old as human history. This drawing technique describes the world and existence with different patterns. For this reason, we often encounter mandalas in our daily lives.
Mandala has begun to increase its popularity as a therapy method, especially in recent years. Scientific studies show that the geometric forms used relax the mind more than other types of drawing. Even a seemingly simple action like coloring a mandala is known to dramatically reduce stress levels. Many clinical studies have shown that this art form can be used to strengthen the immune system, relieve depression and body aches, lower blood pressure, and promote healthy sleep. For example, St. In an experiment conducted at Catherine University, it was proven that regular mandala coloring balances blood pressure and prevents cell aging. The mandala trend, which is constantly increasing around the world, has attracted the attention of publishers in recent years. That's why almost every bookstore now has coloring books for both children and adults. A painting activity that you can do without thinking about which color you will use; It will help you be patient, increase your focus time, calm down and connect with your inner world.

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