Pokemon coloring pages (free printables)


Pokemon coloring pages attract the attention of boys more. You can find many characters in Pokemon coloring pages. Let's start coloring pokemon.

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Choose your favorite hero from our library of coloring pages about Pokemon characters and adventures and start coloring the worksheet right away..

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After the Pokemon coloring pages, I would like to give you information about these heroes. Pokemon, one of the most watched cartoons in our childhood, has many characters. These characters, that is, monsters, are stored in a ball by carriers. Each character in the Pokemon cartoon has different powers. In this context, the notable characters and their powers are as follows.

Ash Ketchum: The main character in Pokemon is Ash. Ash is also a Pokemon breeder.
Pikachu: Famous for its yellow fur, Pikachu has the power to generate electricity. Some people called the most popular Pokemon a cat, some called it a mouse... However, Pikachu is actually a Pika. Pika, the common name for rabbit-like mammals, is also called whistling rabbit because of the sounds it makes.
Charmander: this very cute Pokemon releases a tail whip and a fireball. As its name suggests, this cute Pokemon, named after an unpleasant salamander species found in Japan, turns into a dragon as it evolves.
Bulbasaur: This character with red eyes and green fur has an appearance that is a mixture of dinosaur and frog. He can scare his enemies with his whip. While creating Balbazar, one of the most famous Pokemon, it was inspired by the Saur flower, as its original name Bulbasaur suggests. As this Pokemon evolves, its flower opens.
Squirtle: This character looks like a frog and can squirt water. The only squirrel-like feature of Squirtle, which is the opposite of the English words squirrel and turtle, is its tail. As it evolves, it also gets squirrel ears.
Jigglepuff: This beautiful-voiced Pokemon has the ability to put its opponents to sleep.
Meowth: This Pokemon has sharp claws.
Gengar: One of the most powerful Pokemon, Gengar is essentially a ghost.
Raticate: This Pokemon, weighing 18.5 kg, is considered one of the strongest Pokemon characters.
Pidgeot: It is one of the flying Pokemon. The Pokemon Ash trusts the most is Pidgeot. Everyone knows that Pidgey is a pigeon, but most people don't know that it is an exactly similar species.
Caterpie: Again, a Pokemon true to its name. Isn't it so cute? The real-life butterfly version of this Pokemon, which turns into Butterfree when it completes its evolution, is Papilio glaucus.
Rattata: Rattata represents the Norwegian rat. Of course, there is no purple mouse, but gray mice can sometimes look lilac.
Poliwag: This Pokemon's pattern is 100 percent real. The juvenile tadpoles of some frogs also have a similar pattern.
Sandshrew: The scaly mammal Pangolin is the inspiration for Sandshrew.
Psyduck: The goofiest Pokemon, inspired by the goofiest animal in the world, of course.
Ho-Oh - Phoenix Bird: The inspiration for this Pokemon, which is legendary for cartoon viewers, is also a legend. Simurgh or Phoenix, which is the subject of fairy tales, carries its real mystery to Pokemon.
Hitmonlee - Bruce Lee: This Pokemon takes its name from the legendary fighter Bruce Lee. Just like another fighting Pokemon Hitmonchan refers to Jackie Chan.
Mudkip - Axolotl: This strange Mexican salamander finds its place in the Pokemon roster with its cute appearance.
Snorlax - Kumbhakarna: Although to many he is a sleepy bear, Snorlax actually looks a lot like Kumbhakarna, an important character in the Ramayana, known as the first Sanskrit epic. Kumbhakarna, like Snorlax, is known for his long sleeps and weight.

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