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Sonic the Hedgehog

I love Sonic coloring pages because no one has ever been as fast as Sonic. We have carefully selected the super speed hero coloring page for you.

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Sonic coloring pages are colorful and beautiful. You may have difficulty choosing. Get your colored pencils ready to start painting right away..

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Sonic's prototype name is Mr. It was Needle Mouse. Sonic's success in the gaming world attracted the attention of its producers over time, and cartoons and anime were made about him, and comics and manga were published. Sonic is 10 years old in his first designs. He wears red shoes, which have a white stripe on them and triangular tips. In its 15-year-old design, it has gained a younger, cooler, and not childish appearance suitable for today. His shoes now have gold clasps. While running fast, Sonic keeps his hands behind his back. Sonic's general goal in the games is to collect the Chaos Emeralds (Chaos Emeralds) and help Dr. To ruin Robotnik's plans. (Dr. Robotnik is also the grandson of Professor Gerald Robotnik, the creator of Shadow the Hedgehog.) In the games before Sonic Adventure, there is a parallel planet to the Earth called Mobius; In later games, the events we know happen on Earth. (Except some episodes of Sonic Heroes and Sonic Generations).

Personality characteristics: He is SEGA's good guy character. He is a blue hedgehog who loves action, adventure, running and hot dogs from an early age. Although he is quite affectionate and humble, he has a slight arrogance in his own way. He is social and outspoken. He is afraid of water because he cannot swim (Although this is the apparent reason, there is a different reason for it). Sonic cannot stay in water. More precisely, it cannot stay for a long time. Game designers have seen that hedgehogs swim when placed in water without being able to get out. That's why they adjusted Sonic's personality accordingly, not to be afraid of going into water but to be afraid of not being able to get out of there forever. Sonic tries to get out by holding on to objects around him like a real hedgehog. Sonic later managed to overcome this fear. He can even run on water now. In addition, he adopted a protective structure to prevent any harm to his loved ones. In rare cases like this, when Sonic has a grudge, he takes on a dark and dangerous character (Dark Super Sonic). He is affectionate towards the good people and wild towards the bad ones, and at the same time he is very strong. He doesn't like lying or those who tell lies. And he is a smart hedgehog.
Additional Information:
There is a DNA suit named in honor of Sonic called Sonic the Hedgehog.
The games where Sonic wears different shoes are Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Riders, Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity, Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Generations (here the shoe sole is white and striped).
He is the character with the most transformations in the entire series.
Strangely enough, Sonic made a cameo in a game called Rad Mobile before his own game was even released.
In Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic's eyelids are peach colored.
Sonic's shoe sole has changed many times. It is usually gray and striped.
Sonic was originally designed with rabbit teeth. At the same time, his head was adjacent to his body and his name was Mr. It was Mr. Needlemouse.
Sonic did not want to enter the Darkspine Sonic, Excalibur-Sonic and Werehog Sonic forms, he was forced into them.
The only video that is not a game but has sounds and music from the game is Sonic Nazo Unleashed. A new enemy named Nazo appears in Sonic Nazo Unleashed.
There is also the old short film Man Of The Year.
Sonic's new voice actor is also the voice voice of Ezio in Assassins Creed.

Tails is Sonic's best friend. He helps him in almost every adventure. It is not known exactly how Sonic met this person. The most well-known story is that Tails was excluded because of his intelligence and that's why he admired Sonic and wanted to be a hero like him. They then meet Sonic. Sonic gives him the nickname Tails. Tails' most important feature is that he has two tails and thus can fly. Tails; He is humble, kind and very helpful. He has an interest in everything mechanical. When he first met Sonic, he was very shy, but then he overcame his shyness. And now he saves the world with her. He talks a lot and confusedly. For example, in Sonic Adventure 2, he let slip the fake emerald plan. He is also afraid of lightning.

Knuckles is both Sonic's rival and friend. It was first seen in the game Sonic 3 in 1994. The first game where it can be used is Sonic & Knuckles. Knuckles is the guardian of a large emerald called the Master Emerald, located on Angels Island. He is the last member of the Echidna Tribe and the last protector of the Emeralds. Together with Tikal, he protects the Master Emerald and is very good friends with him. Anyone who tries to capture the Master Emerald is his enemy. At the same time, even though he and Rouge fight, he secretly likes it.
He is a competitive, relaxed, protective, independent, honest, easily angered, loyal to his duty, serious personality. Master Emeralde cares more about his own life.

Amy is a female hedgehog who is in love with Sonic. She is also the first female character in the Sonic series. In the first playable games, she showed off her personal weapon, the Piko Piko Hammer. This hammer, which is Amy's personal weapon, makes her look humorous in a way. She is very beautiful and resourceful. She is a smart girl. She has an almost morbid obsession with Sonic. Every time she sees him, she follows him around saying "SOOONIIIIIIIC!!!!!" She runs shouting. But still, Amy has a very good heart. She is a helpful person. In her first appearances, her outfit is different. She wears a green T-shirt and a yellow miniskirt. In her next generation outfit, she wears a backless mini dress and has a headband. At the same time, Amy's hair in her early form is similar to Sonic's hair. In the early days, Metal Sonic always kidnapped her. This event is also clearly shown in Sonic Adventure DX. In all games where Amy can be played, the bottom of her skirt is visible. This does not happen in games and anime where she cannot be played. In fact, Amy's only weak point is Sonic. Amy can go into any danger for Sonic. This is clearly seen in Sonic Heroes and Sonic the Hedgehog 06. She secretly entered Eggman's base for Sonic. Amy is also in the games. He is the character who changes clothes the most. Amy once made up a boyfriend named Dexter to make Sonic jealous and like him. Even though Amy is a hedgehog, she doesn't have spines on her back like the others.

Doctor Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik, also known as Dr. Eggman is a mad scientist character designed by Naoto Oshiva in 1991 as the arch-enemy of Sega's game hero, Sonic the Hedgehog. It was inspired by a pajama-wearing cartoon of Theodore Roosevelt, who is also the creator of all other Sonic characters.

Espio is just a chameleon in his first game. He is Knuckles' partner in Knuckles' Chaotix. Then he becomes a full-fledged ninja in Sonic Heroes. He has a horn right in the middle of his face from the beginning. His old self last appeared in Sonic The Fighters.

Shadow the hedgehog is a black and powerful hedgehog, very similar to Sonic. Hiding his feelings, competitive, appreciating his friends, mysterious, very serious and fair. The Shadow we know and see in the games is the only and real android created by Professor Gerald Robotnik. Shadow is different from other characters. Can use guns, cars, motorcycles and many more. Kendi is not normally fast. It's his skates that make him fast. These skates also allow him to fly. Shadow never gets injured or dies, this is because of the Chaos Emerald power in his DNA (which means he is composed entirely of Chaos powers), he is not affected by external attacks with Chaos powers only when Shadow is under his control. From here it becomes clear that people who can use the Chaos Emerald and become stronger can only be destroyed by the Chaos forces. Since Shadow himself consists of Chaos powers, this does not apply to him, because when he releases all the Chaos power he has within him, he himself disappears. It specifically uses Chaos Control in almost every game where it is playable and visible. Shadow is loaded with the power of Chaos Emeralds, so he can perform these moves without the Emeralds. He is one of the rare characters whose family is known. Shadow has Android clones, and in Sonic Heroes these things were used to annoy him. Sonic the Hedgehog became a G.U.N agent in 2006. He is one of the rare characters in a team that does not disband. There are wristbands on his hands and feet. When he takes off these bracelets, he reaches 100% attack power (in all his forms), other characters can also attack 100%, but Shadow is the only character who can attack 100% in his normal form.

Hedgehog Silver comes from the future. Mephiles the Dark brings him back to the past and tells him that the one who ruined his future Makes you believe he is Sonic the Hedgehog. Silver falls for this trick and tries to kill him, but when he finds out that it's not actually him, he helps him save Princess Elise. A silver creature with telekinesis
It is a hedgehog.

Froggy is Big the Cat's pet frog and best friend. He first appears with Big in Sonic Adventure. In Sonic Heroes, Metal Sonic kidnapped Cheese to attract him. He loves traveling with Big and goes fishing with him. (But since Big falls asleep while fishing, he either waits or sleeps). He enjoys swimming. In Sonic His move is Giant Froggy, and Big grabs onto him by his tail.

Chao Chocola is Cheese's brother. He only appears in Sonic Heroes. It carries the reason why Team Rose was founded. He was kidnapped by Metal Sonic to copy his Chaos power. He has a bowtie like Cheese and can fly.

Rouge the Bat is the biggest female character in the Sonic series. It's understandable that she likes to wear make-up. She has wings on her back and first appeared in Sonic Adventure 2. She and Knuckles have been annoying since the beginning. In the first game, she is flightless and glides like Knuckles.

Cream the rabbit is a very sweet and gentle rabbit. However, he is not very gentle when he gets angry. Amy is her best friend. Just like Sonic and Tails. Cream's second best friend is Blaze, Sol is the guardian of the emeralds.

Chao Cheese is Cream the Rabbit's pet chao. He never leaves Cream's side. He first appears in Sonic Adventure 2. Cream trained him to fight. This feature is well demonstrated in Sonic Heroes and Sonic X.

Armadillo Mighty appears only twice throughout the entire series. That's why there is very little known information about it. However, it is known that he is friends with Sonic and Ray the Flying Squirrel. It is mostly found in Sonic comics. His goal is to stop Eggman, like Sonic, and he plays an important role in Sonic comics. The cat is in love with honey. He doesn't want to meet Honey because he feels embarrassed around her and his hands tremble. He doesn't have much of a role in the games.

Big the cat is the first cat in the Sonic series and the only creature that is as heavy and strong as a robot. He first appeared in Sonic Adventure. His best friend is a frog. He loves fishing and always carries with him an item that is half a fishing rod and half an umbrella. He is very quiet. He doesn't always have a full expression on his face. In the first games, his legs are swollen and short. In the last game he appears, his legs are longer.

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